Every successful organization has extraordinary people and foundational standards — core values — which help guide the decisions and strategies, and which create the business environment for empowerment and growth. The Inter-Faith Group and its alliance of people aim to set the highest of standards, anchored to core values that not only grow our own leadership and mindsets, but also, impact those of our clients, investors, and partners. Core values must be shared, understood, and practiced from top to bottom within an organization. Not just words, our values are the collective inner compass of our people and the unifying pillars that are reinforced with every decision.

TRUTH is central to who we are and what we value. We speak and act truthfully even when it may be unpopular. We work hard to create a culture of honesty, so that our investors, our residents, and our clients know we will honor our word.

EQUITY is our belief that all people share basic human needs, and we are all entitled to have them fulfilled. We work hard to promote fair and impartial access to services and opportunities, championing justice to those ends.

STEWARDSHIP is the responsibility of each individual and team to care for and wisely use the resources and gifts they have been given. We know we are accountable to future generations, and so we believe in building a humanizing legacy that cares and respects the present.