In 1965, the original Inter-Faith Group was formed, as one entity, “Houston Inter-Faith Housing Corporation”. It was comprised of nine individuals who built an alliance – not just on faith – but on their collective trust, hope and love for humanity. In a united and committed effort, these talented and caring individuals met as the Inter-Faith Housing Committee and immediately formed Inter-Faith Housing as a non-profit concept and heart-centered thinktank. The goal was to provide affordable housing, food, and supportive services to the low-income elderly of Houston, Texas.


Founding Members & Alliance Leaders Include:

Phyllis Bell
Rev. James Noland
Gilbert Thweatt
William S. Beall (Committee Chair)
Adolph Susholtz
Leo Horvitz
Albert Goldstein
Clovis Heimsath
Paul Waldner, Jr.

Houston Inter-Faith Housing Corporation (later renamed “Texas Inter-Faith Housing Corporation”) was officially formed, and the above leaders worked cooperatively with the Houston Housing Authority to create housing opportunities for the families and elderly of the community.



During the 1960s and 1970s, the founding leaders advanced the non-profit mission, added board members, and increased diversity through their respectful collaboration with charitable organizations, religious institutions, housing authorities and local governments.

In the 1980s, Paul Doyle became the Executive Director of Texas Inter-Faith Housing Corporation and led the non-profit corporation, overseeing and managing nearly 400 affordable housing units.



In 1993, JOT Couch was specifically sought out for housing industry expertise and experience. He was named the new Executive Director of Texas Inter-Faith Housing Corporation to grow the company and expand the non-profit mission into low-income housing tax credit developing, resident services programing, community housing development funding and increased management strategies.

Texas Inter-Faith Management Corporation was formed as an independent management company specializing in multifamily management. Marie Compton is the current Executive Director of Texas Inter-Faith Management Corporation.



Portfolio Resident Services, Inc. was established to provide robust resident services programs to multifamily properties nationwide. Ellie Fanning is the current Executive Director of Portfolio Resident Services.

Inter-Faith continued acquiring over $50 million worth of multifamily properties, doubling its asset management portfolio, and increasing its resident services reach to include multiple states and tens of thousands of residents.



Russ Michaels became the Executive Director of Texas Inter-Faith Housing Corporation to expand development and team operations, focusing on multifamily new construction, enhanced design, and the continued integration of affordable housing finance solutions such as HOME, CDBG, 4% and 9% housing tax credits.

The Inter-Faith Group continues to exist as an alliance of independently operated 501(c)3 non-profits with exclusive board members and executive directors that bring professional expertise to development, management, and resident services. In similar fashion to the IFG founders, the current teams continue to share more than just a faith in each other, but a collective trust, hope and love for all people.

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