Marie Compton leads the IFG management services mission as the Executive Director of Texas Inter-Faith Management Corporation (TIFM). As an industry leader, her heart-centered management teams combine to bring over 50 years of experience to every resident and property they oversee. Using the best supervisors and on-site personnel, TIFM consistently delivers compassionate and understanding management practices to thousands of residents all over Texas and its neighboring states. In addition to property management, TIFM can provide compliance administration, accounting monitorization, marketing services, and human resources consulting to companies seeking to build team connection and humanized communication practices within the workplace. For decades, the IFG management services mission has set the standard for property management and built an impeccable reputation in affordable housing, consistently leading with a balanced perspective, visionary board members and a deep respect for fair housing and putting its people first.


  • Add high quality interior and amenity photos of the best properties.
  • Also include a list of the names of the properties, with the city/state only, and the number of units for each property.
  • Add high quality management team photos and resident photos showing TIFM connection with its on-site tenants.
  • Add video of ribbon cutting at Coastal Bend Crossing


The Inter-Faith Group alliance of independently operated non-profits is committed to creating people big not small, seen not unseen, and heard not unheard. IFG believes that the differences and uniqueness of employees and people are the collective strength to any coalition. IFG values a team approach that empowers individuals to find their voice and get connected to the world. As a community, IFG participates in a collaborative effort to maintain a healthy and thoughtful workplace, where human potential and a shared spirit can thrive.

  • Add high quality corporate photos and volunteer photos. These can be off-site events or seminars or in-office interactions. Echos Food Fair, Covid Relief, Hurricane Harvey Volunteering, etc
  • Add programs that are existing, created or integrated into HR Policy – e.g., Diversity & Inclusion Education, Woman’s Inclusion Networking, Pride Involvement, Culture Index Training, etc.

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